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Team Oblivion was founded by two soldiers while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom VIII as a motive to start something completely new when they returned to American soil. These soldiers were die-hard motor vehicle enthusiasts. Although driving trucks across the sandbox wasn’t considered an enthusiast sport they still loved to be around anything that resembled a motor vehicle. As they counted down the days until their plane landed in Nashville, Tennessee the idea of initiating a car club grew larger....  Then civilian reality kicked in.... These war Veterans got so caught up in being home that Team OBLIVION got put on the back burner for a few months. One day at a local car show one of these soldiers was confronted by a lady that not only returned the idea of the car club, but offered a window of opportunity. It was then Team OBLIVION turned from a hopeful dream into a passionate reality.
         The whole idea of starting Team OBLIVION was to give anyone and everyone a chance to enjoy the same passion that these two soldiers shared and means to embrace it. Not everybody has loads of cash sitting around that can be thrown into a vehicle to make it "show worthy".  But for the average Joe to take what little they have and make it into something that they love is worth more than anything money can buy. We are made up a very diverse group of individuals who own many different makes and models of vehicles ranging from stock to wild, but we all have something in common. We all share the same passion for each and every ride that is a part of Team OBLIVION. Each member puts forth the effort to enjoy the love and thrill of being a part of this great car club! So come join Team OBLIVION today and be a part of something that will go as far as you want it to!

                                                       If its worthy to you, it’s worth it to us!
                                                                                                 -Jerry Hurst



This website goes to all the hard working members of our team that makes team oblivion possible.


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